George Will: Single Moms ‘Biggest Impediment’ To Black Progress

Source: Evan McMurry / Mediaite 

During a conversation about the progress of racial equality since the March on Washington fifty years ago, George Will told the panel onThis Week With George Stephanopoulos that the supposed breakdown in African American families was more to blame for the income gap between blacks and whites than a lack of civil rights.

“We forget that this was the March for Jobs and Justice,” Dan Balz began. “There has been tremendous progress, there’s no question about that, in all the ways we’re talking about. But the persistence of the gap between white wealth and black wealth, white income and black income, is something that has stayed almost constant for the past two decades.”

“That to which you refer were foreshadowed by something eight months after the march,” Will said. “A young social scientist from Harvard working in the Labor Department published a report. His name was Daniel Patrick Moynahan. He said, ‘There is a crisis in the African American community, because 24% of African American children are born to unmarried women. Today it’s tripled to 72%. That, and not an absence of rights, is surely the biggest impediment.”

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