Google In Hot Water Over Big Security Hole In Chrome

Source:  Dino Grandoni / The Huffington Post

Google Chrome, the most popular web browser in the U.S., lets you save passwords for websites, so that every time you want to visit Facebook, Tumblr or any other password-secure page, you don’t have to type them out again. But as one software developer discovered on Tuesday, that convenience comes at a cost.

Whenever someone uses your computer and opens Chrome, he or she has complete access to all your saved passwords with a few clicks of the mouse. Elliott Kember, a developer at design and development studio Riotfirst pointed out the lax security on Chrome in a blog post on Tuesday.

To get a sense of how open your passwords are in Chrome, copy and paste “chrome://settings/passwords” into Chrome and hit “Enter,” to see Chrome’s page for managing passwords.

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