Hacked iPhone Chargers Could Let Snoops Spy On Devices

Source: Chenda Ngak / CBS News

The next time your plug in your iPhone into someone else’s charger, you could be putting all your personal data at risk. Malicious software could be installed without your knowledge that lets hackers attack your device.

Georgia Tech Information Security Center researchers presented how they were able to hack into an iPhone using its charger at a briefing on Wednesday at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas.

During a demonstration for CBSNews.com, research scientist Billy Lau and Ph.D. student YeongJin Jang explained that they installed software into a custom device, called Mactans, that mimics Apple’s charger.

The device they presented, which is a small white box made with a 3D printer, is much larger than an iPhone charger. However, Lau says it is possible for a tenacious hacker to make a counterfeit version that looks exactly like one bought at an Apple store.

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