Hannity And Guests On Oprah’s Trayvon Comments: ‘Idiocy,’ She Knows ‘Diddly-Squat’ About Civil Rights!

Source: Josh Feldman / Mediaite

Oprah Winfrey got in some hot water this week after commenting that the Trayvon Martincase is the “same” as Emmett Till‘s. Sean Hannity found this shocking coming from Oprah, while guests Michael Meyers andDeroy Murdock mercilessly tore her apart for her “idiocy” and just jumping on the media bandwagon.

Murdock shot back against the Till analogy by saying George Zimmerman is clearly not on par with “homicidal white racists,” while Meyers bemoaned how Oprah used to be a “bridge over troubled water,” but now she’s jumped into the deep end with her “idiocy and racial poison.”

Meyers continued, calling her a “hypocrite,” and charging, “You know diddly-squat about the civil rights movement!”

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