Is Google Ready To Buy Its Way Into TV With An NFL Deal?

Source: Chris Strauss / USA Today

How fans watch their NFL games on Sundays could get very interesting in the next few years.

According to a report on the tech site All Things D, Google CEO Larry Page met with NFL executives, including commissioner Roger Goodell, on Tuesday, with the league’s Sunday Ticket package among the conversation topics.

Via All Things D:

Google plus the NFL is an intriguing concept. Google could certainly afford the rights, which currently cost DirecTV $1 billion a year.

The league’s exclusive deal with DirecTV expires after next season and with the changing  media landscape, pursuing multiple nonexclusive deals with both traditional and online content providers seems like a solution whose time has come. The league is locked into deals with NBC, FOX and CBS until 2022, so the broadcast rights to Sunday’s games won’t be changing for the forseeable future. But fans who have wanted the ability to see every game have been forced to go solely through the satellite provider since 1994.

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