Jesse Jackson Jr. Lists Prison Preferences

Source: CBS Chicago

When Jesse Jackson Jr. is sentenced on Wednesday, his lawyers plan to ask the judge to recommend that he serve his time near Washington D.C. so he can be near his kids and his wife, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Jackson is asking to be housed in a prison camp in Montgomery Alabama or in the Federal Correctional Institution in North Carolina. That institution, called Butner, is where disgraced ex-Chicago cop Jon Burge is doing his time for lying in a civil deposition.

Jackson’s lawyers indicated on Monday that Jackson attended college in North Carolina and has significant ties to the area which “he believes will aid his rehabilitation during any term of incarceration.”

The request was made public today in a filing by the former congressman’s lawyers.

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  • Fordf250

    Breaks my heart to see future leaders who could have contributed greatly choose such a bad path and falter. I am speaking of Jr. here and Kilpatrick. As a famous character once said, “I coulda been a contenda”