Joe Scarborough: Talkers on Radio, TV Tell Voters ‘If You’re Not White,’ ‘Not Welcome’ In GOP

Source: Noah Rothman / Mediaite

On Friday morning, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe, blasted Republicans for focusing on the wrong issues in their efforts to reassemble a coalition of voters that can win national elections. He told his fellow co-hosts that the party leaders know but will not say that it is conservatives on talk radio and on cable news that communicate a message to voters which suggests “if you’re not white, you’re really not welcome in this party.”

In a discussion of what problems the GOP faces with the Morning Joe panel guests, MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts said he did not appreciate Republican Party spokesman Sean Spicer congratulating him on his recent wedding to his husband. He said it made no sense to him because the party opted to put a clause in its platform opposing same-sex marriage.

“So it’s odd because then they’ll go out and drum beat that they’re against marriage equality,” Roberts said.

Scarborough said that Republicans are overly antagonistic to members of the LGBT community who care about gay marriage, or Latinos who care about immigration issues, or African-Americans who care about discrimination issues.

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  • openlyblack

    “Joe Scarborough: Talkers on Radio, TV Tell Voters ‘If You’re Not White,’ ‘Not Welcome’ In GOP”

    That’s not news …

  • Oppelganger

    Well naturally- I think many of them have a hard time accepting that non-white people are even legitimately “Americans”! As the white population becomes the minority population we are going to have a lot more policies that are Apartheid-lite in attempts to preserve white rule: restricting voting, criminalization / institutionalization of youth; paramilitarization of police, suppression of public dissent, eliminating social support for non-white people, etc…

  • Kenia Brown

    Exactly…they have allowed the race baiters-Rush and O’Reilly to perpetuate mass hysteria, anxiety and anger among white male voters—Rush and O’Reilly have white males thinking blacks don’t work, blacks want to steal their coins and ALL black males specifically have ulterior sexual and criminal motives. Frankly, for someone not born in America—Murdoch has made millions manipulating minds with racially divisive stereotypes. He has literally in the past decade destroyed the racial fabric of America using OVERT messages. The man (Murdoch) really is an evil genius.