Mich. College President Calls Minorities ‘Dark Ones’

Source: Lori Higgins / Detroit Free Press / USA Today

The president of Michigan’s Hillsdale College took heat from several lawmakers during a hearing today in which he said state officials visited his campus to determine whether enough “dark ones” were enrolled.

Larry Arnn, the president of the private college, made the comments during a subcommittee hearing on Michigan’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards. Arnn, who spoke in opposition of the standards, prefaced his comments by describing an experience when he began as president in the early 2000s in which state officials criticized his college for, as he said, not having enough “dark” students.

When it was time for lawmakers on the committee to question Arnn, several Democrats on the committee said they found his comments offensive.

“You’re the president of a college. I would expect better out of you,” said Rep. David Knezek, D-Dearborn Heights.

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  • diannkirby

    No wonder he has problems attracting minority students when he can only think of the term ‘dark ones’ to refer to them. Perhaps he used some other ‘unacceptable’ term so often, he was at a loss to come up with a new term on such short notice.