Michael Bloomberg Proposes Fingerprinting At Public Housing

Source: AP / NewsDay.com

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says people entering public housing should be fingerprinted as a crime-prevention measure.

He made the comments Friday on WOR Radio. His spokesman says Bloomberg is proposing a biometric security measure. He says the city is in the process of putting in an electronic keycard system.

Democratic mayoral candidates promptly blasted the mayor’s comment.

Ex-city Comptroller Bill Thompson compared it to the city’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy. He says it’s “another direct act of treating minorities like criminals.”

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  • Fordf250

    You can do that in a place called…”Booking”. How did an independent mayor become such a racist? Maybe we should drug test everyone entering the stock exchange. We all know all those rich fuckers are on cocaine. What an idiot NY has for a mayor