News One Now: Roland Martin Wants To Change The News

Source: Allison Samuels / The Daily Beast

“Rarely is anything just black and white,” says Roland Martin, the former CNN contributor and current Tom Joyner Morning Show reporter. He says his new hourlong morning show, News One Now, will give people the variety they deserve when it comes to current affairs.

The outspoken journalist, who also hosts a three-hour syndicated radio program on Radio One stations, will debut his new show on the TV One network early next month.

“Too many news shows today break down the debate and issues by the political affiliations,’’ said Martin. “It’s mostly about Democrats’ vs. Republicans’ ideals, and I think, I know rather, a lot gets lost when it is limited to just those two points of views.”News One Now will feature a Skype Net, in which all Radio One hosts will weigh in on the news of the week.

The Washington, D.C., based Martin says oftentimes news shows just want the conflict of heated opposite opinions for ratings sake alone.

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