O’Reilly Faults Black Leaders And ‘Cowardly’ Media For Racial Divide (VIDEO)

Source: Josh Feldman / Mediaite

Bill O’Reilly returned from vacation Monday night picking up from where he left off about race in the United States. He cited two big cases in the last few weeks (a black teenager shot by police after they saw him holding a gun, and three black teenagers beating up a white teen on a bus) to highlight the racial divisions in the United States that need to be addressed, but the “civil rights industry” and the “politically correct and cowardly media” refuse to talk about it.

O’Reilly said the big divide in America is between people who “believe in personal responsibility and self-reliance,” and people who want a nanny state government. He brought up the case of Shaaliver Douse, a black teenager who was shot by police for pointing a gun at them. He called the boy a “victim of circumstances that are not being confronted… by the civil rights industry,” continuing his theme of talking about problems of the black family by saying “the boy was doomed by his parents.”

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