PBS Series Explores 5 Centuries Of Black History

Source: AP / theGrio

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — After a tragedy like the Trayvon Martin killing, calls routinely arise for a conversation about race.But Henry Louis Gates thinks the more direct way for structural change is through schools and their curriculum.

That’s what he’s hoping will happen with “The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross,” a six-hour PBS documentary series that traces 500 years of black history.

“To tell the whole sweep of African-American history — no one’s tried to do that. That was what we were crazy enough to do,” Gates said in an interview on Wednesday.

He hopes the series will find its way into the nation’s schools as well as its living rooms, and acquaint audiences of all ages — both black and white — with black history, about which he says both races are equally ignorant.

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  • Anthony

    What about the last 5000 years of black history? We didn’t start existing when the boats hit America.

    • tiztiz

      Henry (Skip The Truth) Gates won’t touch that HISTORY.
      U would have to get the REAL SCHOLARS to address that HISTORY.

      Names like Runoko Rashidi -Tony Browder -Leonard Jefferies…etc..etc..etc..

      • tiztiz

        How can i forget the Master Teacher of Them All.
        The late Dr John Henrik Clarke even he is shaking his head from the grave..

  • Terri Goldson

    Rowland, PBS is giving an outstanding effort to recognize 5
    Centuries of Black History and I commend them. There was a time when Black History
    was an elective in high school (back in the day) and real efforts were made to
    make that information accessible to students of color. As an educator and administrator
    in a public school, I also see efforts to recognize Black History during Black
    History Month and Martin Luther King Day. As I see it, those aforementioned efforts
    were not and are not enough. The flavor of the month and microwave approach to education
    regarding ethnic contributions in a multicultural society has to change. Within
    our schools we need to infuse those great efforts by people of color within the
    everyday curriculum. Our nation was built by multitudes of ethnicities and genders
    and we must also reveal, discuss and come to grips with those that were
    exploited while recognizing great contributors of color here in America. Kudos to PBS!