Reports: S.C. Restaurant Refused To Seat Black Patrons

Source: Melanie Eversley / USA Today

A black South Carolina man says a restaurant in North Charleston refused to seat his party of 25 family and friends and asked the group to leave after a white customer complained of feeling threatened, according to reports.

The man, Michael Brown, also known as Mike London, could not be reached but his Facebook post in which he gave details of this experience indicates the group waited two hours to be seated at the Wild Wing Cafe before a manager approached and later refused to seat the group.

The chief marketing officer for the chain of restaurants based in Mount Pleasant, S.C., said the manager involved in the alleged incident is on leave until an investigation can be completed. She confirmed the group had been offered an apology and meals all around and said the restaurant has a meeting planned for later this week with some members of the restaurant party.

“It’s not an us vs. them — we really join them in their concern,” said the chief marketing officer, Debra Stokes. “We have a zero tolerance of any kind. We have a diverse collection of individuals within our organization. We have always prided ourselves on inviting everyone into our restaurants.”

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  • Rochi Road

    Glad to hear that the restaurant is responding appropriately.

    • Nachural2

      This happened at the beginning of August and Mike reached out to the manager prior to social media. They didn’t response until it was shared on social media after not responding to his calls. Oh then they were offered a free meal.

  • Truth Fighter

    Freakin’ 2013 and we’re still dealing with this mess. The best way to handle this is to not spend a red dime of our money in a place like that. Shut ’em down.

  • Don’t Overreact

    If you’ve ever been to this restaurant, as I have literally dozens of time, it’s customer base is at least 50% black – I’m sure if discrimination based on race was systematic, that wouldn’t be the case. I’ll wager there’s more to the story.

  • JThaddeustoad

    Perhaps they were loud and disruptive,or maybe the way they were dressed or perhaps some hygienic issue…. But don’t let any of the above get in the way of a media extravaganza…

  • Me

    So they showed up 25 deep and couldn’t get seated together? Well duh. If you have a party that large you are going to have to sit at separate tables or else wait a LONG time. I’m willing to bet the manager told them that up front. I live in Charleston and this branch of Wild Wing Cafe regularly serves and employees African Americans without issue. If they didn’t serve black people they wouldn’t have any business. I’m guessing this group showed up with unreasonable expectations from the restaurant, and then when forced to wait a long time began acting rude until asked to leave. Next time they have a big party they should call ahead and/or make a reservations.