San Antonio Express-News’ John Tedesco DESTROYS Timothy Burke’s Ddeadspin Article On Johnny Manziel’s Family

Source: John Tedesco San Antonio Express-News / Houston Chronicle

A day after the Express-News published my article about the astounding family history of Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, the sports blog Deadspin posted its own story about the roots of Johnny Football.

Deadspin’s 3,880-word epic tale was meticulously researched, masterfully written — and fundamentally flawed.

It’s hard not to write this without sounding like, well, Deadspin. Their posts about everything the mainstream sports journalism complex gets wrong are usually hilarious because they nail it. But Deadspin also tends to wallow in a pit of snarky infallibility — “Look at how badly those guys screwed up, we would never do that!”

Well, as a reporter who is certainly not infallible but who spent a lot of time researching the fascinating history of the Manziel family, I can say one of Deadspin’s main allegations about the Manziels is not only wrong, it erroneously portrays some family members as financial backstabbers, including Johnny Manziel’s great-grandmother who died in 2003.

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