Shannon Sharpe On Joint HGH Study: I’m No ‘Guinea Pig’

Source: Tom Pelissero / USA Today

MANKATO, Minn. — Former NFL defensive back Solomon Wilcots said Wednesday that he’d volunteer “in a heartbeat” if asked to participate in a study the NFL Players Association hopes will determine the impact of human growth hormone use on players’ HGH levels.

But one member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame said he’d have a lot of questions before agreeing to potentially take HGH as part of a broader population study that will include blood draws from all current players before testing goes into effect.

“Hey, I’m not just going to be somebody’s guinea pig just to prove a point to see what’s going on,” former tight end Shannon Sharpe told USA TODAY Sports. “If I talk to enough people to get enough reassurances that everything is going to be OK, then no problem. Then I’m happy to help.

“Do you mean I’m going to go from a size 13 shoe — since I was 13 years old — and all of a sudden I’m walking around with a size 16? If you give somebody human growth hormone, what does that consist of? There are a lot of moving parts. Give me some more information. How long is this study going to go?”

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