‘We Got It Done’: BET Co-Founder Sheila Johnson To Unveil glitzy Salamander Resort in Virginia

Source:  Margaret Morton / Leesburg Today

Salamander Resort & Spa—Loudoun’s newest, and most extravagant, tourist attraction—will open its doors next week following a decade of planning and construction.

It arises at the end of a long tree-lined meandering driveway from Middleburg’s North Pendleton Street, a golden hued complex that from afar looks like a small town nestled in the rolling Hunt Country landscape.

Thursday, Aug. 29, will represent a triumph for both Salamander and the town, as owner Sheila Johnson and Salamander Hospitality President Prem Devadas hold a morning reception to welcome hundreds of invited guests, including the Middleburg Town Council whose members have worked long and hard with Salamander to achieve the right results for both. At noon, the public is invited to tour the facility.

As cars roll up the driveway, visitors will see a generously sized forecourt with a central U-shaped lawn area lined with graceful crape myrtle trees facing the main block of the building with its imposing portico, one modeled after Johnson’s house at nearby Salamander Farms, flanked by two long wings and the 168-room wing angling to the rear.

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