Yahoo Tops U.S. Web Traffic, Beats Google For First Time Since 2011

Source: Hayley Tsukayama / The Washington Post

There’s some good news for Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer: for the first time in two years, Yahoo has topped Google in Web traffic.

That’s the major takeaway from a report from the research firm comScore, which reported that Yahoo took top honors for traffic for the month of July. The firm told Marketing Landth at it’s the first time Yahoo has been at the head of the list since March 2011. The report also said that the traffic numbers don’t yet include any boost Yahoo might get from its acquisition of Tumblr.

Yahoo logged 196.6 million unique views in July, topping Google’s 192.3 million.

As Marketing Land’s Greg Sterling notes, traffic numbers do tend to fluctuate from month-to-month, and Yahoo and Google have seen very close traffic recently.

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