ABC NEWS: George Zimmerman’s Wife Says He Is ‘Selfish,’ Feels ‘Invincible’ (VIDEO)

Source: Seni Tienabeso / ABC News

George Zimmerman’s wife says she doesn’t know the man she’s been married to for almost seven years and doesn’t think she “ever really knew him at all.”

In an exclusive interview with ABC News shortly after her attorney filed for divorce from the Florida man acquitted in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, Shellie Zimmerman said she is left with a shattered life.

“I stood by my husband through everything and I kind of feel like he left me with a bunch of broken glass that I’m supposed to now assemble and make a life…It’s just heartbreaking,” she said.

Shellie Zimmerman, 26, stood by her husband throughout the ordeal that began on Feb. 26, 2012 when her husband shot and killed the unarmed teenager and came to an end when a Florida jury acquitted him of murder in July.

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  • isome

    I can’t say that I’m surprised that marriage did not last.

  • jazzielady

    you can’t live with a smug murdering devil, She gonna admit he’s a murder too!! She has a conscience..