After Refusing To Seat 25 Black Guests, Café Apologizes

Source: Donovan X. Ramsey / theGrio

A South Carolina restaurant came under fire when news began to spread about an alleged incident of discrimination involving its staff. Michael Brown was a part of a party of 25 that visited a Charleston restaurant called Wild Wings Café nearly a month ago. Brown says at some point during a two hour wait, a member of his party got into a dispute with another patron. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Nearly a month after the incident at Wild Wings Café, the complaints on Facebook started to garner considerable attention and the company took notice, promising to investigate and seek a resolution with Brown and his party.

Eventually, the company issued an apology.

“We are incredibly disappointed and sorry that any guest felt disrespected or discriminated against,” said Debra Stokes, chief marketing officer for Wild Wing Café, in a statement to theGrio. “The customers have a right to be upset with our lack of timely responsiveness. However, the color of their skin did not play a part in this situation. It was a breakdown in our own internal communication. I can assure you that we have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind and that there is a full and ongoing review of the entire incident…The incident that occurred in the restaurant is under investigation. The manager involved is on leave while we continue the investigation.”

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  • Scott

    Now for the rest of the story: