Andrew Bynum Is Working Hard And Looking Forward To His Eventual Comeback In Cleveland. He Swears.

Source:  Kelly Dwyer / Ball Don’t Lie / Yahoo! Sports

We’re going to encourage you to take two aspirin, or at least prepare a cold compress, before reading this column. Reading this column will encourage your eyes to involuntarily roll several times during the course of the comprehension, and if you use contact lenses and are able to read the text without them, we also encourage you to remove those.

Andrew Bynum is “good,” and he’s shooting to come back to play NBA basketball this fall!

In an exclusive interview with Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, making his first comments since his introductory press conference, the new Cleveland Cavaliers center swears he’s well on his way in terms of rehabilitation, while hoping to suit up for the first time since May, 2012. From the chat:

“I moved here a week after the press conference, I’ve been here ever since — day in and day out just working,” he said, referring to the team’s practice facility. “I’m there, focused. I’m doing everything I can do to get back. That’s what all this is all about for me right now. I just want to play.”

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