Craig James Considers Legal Action Against Fox Sports Southwest For Abrupt Dismissal

Source: Houston Chronicle 

Attorneys representing former NFL running back and former Republican senatorial candidate Craig James said Tuesday they are prepared to proceed with legal action against Fox Sports unless the company takes steps to return James to the air as a college football analyst on Fox Sports Southwest.

Liberty Institute, a Plano law firm that specializes in religious freedom cases, said in a three-page letter sent Tuesday to Fox Sports officials that the network committed “a severe violation of Mr. James’ religious liberty” by hiring and then dismissing him as college football studio analyst based on lifestyle-related comments made during his 2012 campaign for a U.S. Senate seat.

“Fox Sports has an opportunity here to resolve this in a friendly way and get this behind everybody, and we are hopeful that is what is going to happen” said Hiram Sasser, an attorney with Liberty Institute, whose letterhead reads “Restoring Religious Liberty in America.”

“We are not interested in the blame game. We’re interested in resolving the issue and getting Craig back on the air.”

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