Fox News Contributor Claims Obama ‘Hates Us’ While Discussing 9/11

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Source: theGrio

Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and regular Fox News contributor, used the somber occasion of the 9/11 anniversary to launch an incendiary attack on President Barack Obama and his supporters.

In remarks which many might find offensive, Ablow argues that Americans elected Obama almost as a mea culpa to the terrorists. He went on to suggest that the country was suffering from a “captive mentality” like Stockholm Syndrome.

“The same kind of thing that happens when a plane is hijacked and people aboard say, ‘You know what? I am starting to think like the people who took this plane over.’ Why? Because they want to be safe and they want to endear themselves to their adversaries,” he said.

Ablow’s mock voter dialogue continues: “Look, we are not that bad, don’t hurt us. Here is this guy, how bad can we be? He doesn’t even like us, he hates us and we are electing him president.”

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