George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Mark O’Mara Quits

Source: Matt Gutman / ABC News

George Zimmerman’s lawyer said today he will no longer represent the man acquitted of murder in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

The announcement came one day after Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, called police to say that Zimmerman had assaulted her father and threatened her, leaving her “very, very scared.” Shellie Zimmerman recently filed papers seeking a divorce from Zimmerman.

A spokesman for Mark O’Mara, who succeeded in winning an acquittal for Zimmerman in the racially charged Trayvon Martin murder trial, said O’Mara will not represent Zimmerman in any future litigation including his divorce and any possible charges resulting from the Monday incident involving his wife and father-in-law.

O’Mara will still be Zimmerman’s lawyer in a defamation suit still pending against NBC.

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  • Johnny Ralph Horstman

    The case is over. Why wouldn’t he quit?

    • Frotaine


      • Serendipity

        Because Zimmerman will need him again.

  • TRBH

    Uh…… excuse me HACK! Saying that he will not represent George Zimmerman in his divorce is not quitting! O’Mara is NOT a divorce lawyer. O’Mara is also representing him in his defammation suit, so he didn’t quit did he, genius? You race baiting slander pimps really know how to spin a lie from truth!

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      … “O’Mara will not represent Zimmerman in any FUTURE litigation”. You do understand what that means right? Next time try to comprehend what you read instead of just skimming over it. K bye… 😀

    • DSmooth

      @ trbh…you have some nerve & unmitigated gall to accuse somebody else of spinning the TRUTH!!! Mark stated himself that he will not be representing georgey poo in any further upcoming cases (not the divorce & he has to represent him in his defamation lawsuit-because Mark is the one that filed the suit against NBC) because he is well aware that after the coward georgey poo murders the next innocent person-that his (Mark O’Mara’s) reputation would be damaged beyond any form of repair!!! Mark has enough sense to see that georgey poo is on his way to self-destruction / the nut is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode & he is putting enough distance between georgey poo & himself “NOW” – so he won’t be contaminated by the FALLOUT after georgey poo implodes!!! LMAO!!!

  • ANN

    Oh WOW now you see the danger in this MAN and how violent he really is makes you think twice that you defended and let a MURDERR walk the streets again only to kill again. GREAT JOB OMARA!!!

  • Linda

    Reading is fundamental people…He is quoting what Mark O’Mara spokesman said. SMH. Read people read!!!

  • sharon sandy

    Roland Martin, Will you please do a story about Chris Sandy, I’m trying to get funding for a documentary about his life and death.

  • Sharon Sandy

    The Chris Sandy Story


    Overview: This documentary is about an Amazing, Brave, Talented, Incredible, Captivating, Gifted Youngman, Chris Sandy. Chris grew up in the Blvd. Housing Projects in East New York Brooklyn, with his mother and 2 sisters. Against All Odds, Chris Sandy worked extremely hard for an opportunity for a better life and a chance to make a difference.

    Goal/Purpose of Film:

    What I hope to achieve, is to inspire, encourage, motivate and demonstrate with hard work and dedication, the possibilities are endless. Against All Odds, regardless of your circumstances, with or without a parent or relative to help you. No matter the hardships, setbacks, doubts and fears, never give up and never give in. Yes you can make it and have a life that you can be proud of. When life gives you lemons make lemonade and save the lemon peels for your bath water, it works wonders on your skin. It is my sincere hope that the audience does not focus on the way Chris died, but how he lived and the legacy that Chris worked so hard to achieve on and off the court.


    Sharon Sandy…Mother

    Zarha Sandy…Sister

    Isacha Sandy…Sister

    Joe Charles…Agent

    Derreck Whittenburg… Coach

    Pat Torney…Coach

    Jerry Tartanian…Coach

    Danny Tartanian…Coach

    Amy Tartanian…Staff

    Walter Perrins… Utah Jazz Coach

    Milton Newtown…Washington Wizards…Coach

    Kenny Charles…Brooklyn Kings owner

    Ron Artest…L.A.Lakers /Teammate

    Smush Parker…L.A.Lakers/Teammate

    Allen Griffin…Coach/Teammate

    Elton Brand…Dallas Mavericks/Teammate

    Anthony Mason…N.Y.Knicks/Teammate

    Amare Stoudemire…N.Y.Knicks/Teammate

    Chris Jefferies…Teammate

    Melvin Ely…Teammate

    Tito Maddox…Teammate

    Lynn Swan…Football Hall of Fame…Mentor

    The Harlem Globetrotters….The Entire Organization

    Rucker Park…The Entire Organization

    Film Outline:

    On August 23,1978, Christopher O. Sandy was born to Sharon

    D.Sandy. Sharon Sandy Was 17years old at the time of Chris birth. Chris was born at St. Johns Episcopal Hospital in Bed.Stuvy. Brooklyn on Atlantic Avenue. Chris was delivered by C-section, his eyes were already opened and He had A patch of grey hair. This scared the doctor who delivered Chris. The doctor said “Chris was the very 1st baby he had delivered who looked directly at him’. The doctor made a speech and declared that baby boy Sandy was destined for greatness. Even though I was in pain, looking at my beautiful baby boy and hearing those words of wisdom, I felt overjoyed. Giving birth to a beautiful healthy baby is the purest form of love that there is.

    Sharon Sandy was sitting in the 5th row at a Newtown H.S. Playoff game, watching Chris playing injured with a cut over his right eye. Chris was bleeding and demanding not to be taken out of the game. Chris said, “I’m fine now give me the ball”. Chris went on to score the last 8pts. of the game by hitting the winning shot. Chris wasn’t finished yet, Chris stole the ball and held it until the clock ran out. Everybody ran onto the court hugging Chris and chanting Rocky,Rocky,Rocky, they called Chris Sandy the new Rocky. This was due to the cut over his bleeding right eye, Chris never gave up. Chris made both free throws at the file line inspite of his injury and blurry vision. After the game Chris went To Brookdale Hospital & Received 12 stitches to close the cut over his right eye, which was caused by an elbow to the face. The next morning Chris Sandy was in every newspaper, the sports writers lovingly gave Chris the nickname Rocky. Chris was recorded running down the court with the ball in his hand and the net around his neck. Chris was on all the major News and Sports Channels, The Sports announcers repeated repeatedly “Chris has the ball, Chris has the ball” whose hands would the ball better in than Chris Sandy”. Chris has the ball and is leading his team to Madison Square Garden H.S. championship game against Paul Robenson H.S. with a record of 26 wins, 0 loses undefeated.

    Newtown H.S. lost to Paul Robenson and it was the first time in Newtown History that the school made it to Madison Square Garden to play for the championship. Chris Sandy was the first player from Newtown H.S. to make All American and to play in the All American League representing Newtown H.S. Chris Sandy and Ron Artist were honored together at the NY Sports Cafe in NYC as All Americans #1Ron Artist and #2 Chris Sandy. On a personal note Ron Artist mother was not there and he came and sat at our table, Ron Artist didn’t like the food they were serving so he came to sit and asked Sharon Sandy for some of her french fries. Sharon Sandy said “yes sure son help yourself”. Sharon Sandy teased Ron Artist for years for eating up all her French fries. Ron Artist and Chris took pictures that day it was a photo opp. and a beautiful day that we will always remember and cherish. Patrick Torney was a great fundamental coach, he taught Chris so much about sportsmanship and the importance of being a team player. Patrick Tourney set an example of hard work, dedication, teamwork, respect for yourself, the game and others. Newtown H.S. honored Chris Sandy by retiring his jersey #5 and dedicating a hall in his honor, which included all of Chris’s accomplishments before and after death.

    After the season was over Jerry Tarktanian came calling, Jerry flew all the way to New York City to recruit Chris Sandy and to offer Chris a 4yr.schloarship to the University of Fresno State, and to play point guard for the Fresno Bulldogs. Chris grew up watching Jerry Tarktanian and the Running Rebels at UNLV. Chris was already a big fan of the team and would often say I would love to play with Coach Tarktanian, so quite frankly it was a dream come true for Chris to play for Tarktanian. Chris was happy, overjoyed and full of hope and promise. Chris arrived on campus to applause and a welcoming committee, everyone already knew who Chris was, everywhere he went everybody knew his name thanks to the Fresno Bee.

    Culture shock would be an understatement. Chris was coming from a single parent home with his 2 younger sisters in the Blvd. Housing project in East New York Brooklyn, to a college campus in Fresno Calif. Chris grandparents had been deceased for 10 years prior to his birth. Chris did not have the benefits of grandparents or a father figure in his life. Chris mother Sharon Sandy did what she could to help Chris financially. With the strict rules of the NCAA Chris could not even accept a meal from a family friend. Against All Odds, Chris maintained his GPA and ate alot of soup and sandwiches so that he would be eligible to play basketball for Fresno State. To say the least Chris really had a hard time making ends meet and more times than not Chris just had to just go without. Financially we were just poor and there is no nice way to say it, making ends meet was a struggle and Chris never once complained. Chris would always say God is good and I know he will make a way for me somehow, that’s just how he was and who he was. Despite the difficulties Chris had to face on and off the court and Against All Odds Chris never gave up. Chris was the starting Point Guard for Fresno State a position Chris took very seriously and worked extremely hard to keep in spite of hardships,struggles,ups and downs. Chris maintained the respect and admiration from Coach Jerry Tarktanian, Coaching Staff, Teammates, Fans and Sportswriters. The Fresno Bee Newspaper followed and documented Chris NCAA Standing. Chris was often featured and interviewed for his scoring, sportsmanship, opinions and good character on and off the court. Chris always went hard and gave his very best regardless of his injuries,pressure and the difficult circumstances he had to endure on and off the court. Chris received numerous headliners and write ups in the Newspaper due to his hard work and dedication. Here are a few direct quotes. Point Guard play sparks upset win for Bulldogs, Along with protecting the ball Chris Sandy scored five of Fresno States final eight points, including a 3-pointer that broke a 50-50 tie winning the game. Tarkanian snickered, and said “Chris gets better by loving him and hugging him and encouraging him.” 11/02/01 the Fresno Bee writes, Chris Sandy eases point guard worries. Making five of his first six shots and collecting 10 assists, Chris Sandy doesn’t play anything like the turnover-prone, shot deprived Maddox. Fresno Bee 1/24/02 Chris Sandy played a large factor in helping the Bulldogs win at Texas-El Paso on Saturday. Chris Sandy scored the last six points for Fresno State,including a layup in the final minute that broke a 74-74 deadlock. Tarkanian said he lauds Chris Sandy’s competitive zeal. After all, Sandy is one of the best defensive guards in the country. 1/20/02 Bulldogs return to form with whipping of UTEP, “I wanted to dunk it,” said Chris Sandy who scored the final six points which gave the Bulldogs a two-point lead with 59 seconds remaining. Sandy said, “I knew we had to sweep on the road”. The Fresno Bee 01/22/02 Chris Sandy’s confidence, Chris Sandy oozed bravado, the hardnosed Brooklyn-bred point guard, “I think we can win all the way through the conference, “Chris sandy said.” “I think that’s what we realistically have to do to get a decent seed in the NCAA Tournament….. That’s me. I have a lot of high expectations for this team and feel we are no where near playing the kind of basketball we can play.” The Fresno Bee Friday March 8,2002, Front Page Headline. RE-ENTER SANDMAN.

    Fueled by Chris Sandy’s return, Fresno State shocks La.Tech. Chris Sandy back in action after a six-game NCAA suspension, Chris Sandy came off the bench to score 19 points in 24 minutes for Fresno State. Thirty-three hours after being cleared by the NCAA, the New York-bred point guard engineered Fresno State’s 72-69 upset of Louisiana Tech in the quarterfinals of the Western Athletic Conference tournament. The Fresno Bee headline: Chris Sandy punished for doing right. Katie Felten, who was Chris Sandy’s academic advisor at Fresno State, “I sat down with him and told him what he had to do, and Chris made up his mind that he wanted to get it done, Then we went through the proper channels to make sure it was the right plan.” Feltene checked with the with the faculty representative. She checked with the school’s NCAA compliance office. She checked checked with the associate athletic director in charge of academics. She says she even checked with interim athletic director Scott Johnson. Sounds airtight enough. “Everyone gave it a thumbs up”, she says. “Feltens says, were talking legitimate general education courses. Courses such as biology. Courses that cost $800 to take. Chris Sandy didn’t have the money. Neither did his mother. The pastor of his Brooklyn church called me up at the request of his mother. The pastor put the $800 on the church credit card. The NCAA’s unwillingness to examine his case as it is-unique. The NCAA’s stand is Rules are rules. They’re in place for a reason, but you have to ask; Is Chris Sandy what the NCAA rule book is protecting itself against? If it is, something needs to be changed.

    Chris graduated from Fresno State with Honors and received a Bachelors Degree. The Harlem Globetrotters came calling and offered Chris a very lucrative deal and an opportunity to travel the world. Chris accepted and began to perfect his basketball skills and create a platform for his humanitarian and charitable work. Chris was designated as the team speaker because of his personable and humble manner he always displayed. Chris as a Harlem Globetrotter traveled the world entertaining the troops, visiting hospitals, raising money for cancer patients and people with spinal injuries. Chris was invited to Washington D.C. to participate on the Presidents Counsel on Fitness with Lynn Swan. The President of the United States and Congress honored Chris with a metal, plaque and a dinner in his honor.

    Chris always gave back in and out of his community, Chris played in the Wheelchair Classics to raise money for persons with spinal injuries. Chris played at Hunter College summer league featuring Professional basketball players and NBA players only. Chris played in the Rucker tournaments along side numerous NBA players, all for charity to raise money for inner city youth programs and the YMCA. Chris was a mentor to numerous children in and out of the Blvd. Housing project. Chris was coming home late one night after a game at Rucker Park when he ran into Alonzo a former classmate Chris attended school with. “Alonzo said to Chris, “I’m not spending another night outside sleeping on the bench, the next person that comes around the corner is going to get it”. “Alonzo continues and says my mother kicked me out of the house because I didn’t have my share of the rent money. “Chris asked Alonzo how much do you need?” “Alonzo replied $300”. “Chris then says to Alonzo I got you, wait right here and don’t do anything stupid”. Chris came home and got the $300 to give to Alonzo, “Chris gives the $300 to Alonzo and says to him “I don’t want you to hurt nobody and I don’t want nobody to hurt you. Alonzo was so happy he hugged Chris and said, ” I will never forget what you just did for me as long as I live”. Alonzo eventually found a job and tried to pay Chris back the money. But Chris would not take it.”Chris told Alonzo to use the money to help somebody else and to pay it forward”. This is just one example of many, showing Chris Sandy’s character and his way of giving back.

    Chris was a dedicated, honorable, loyal, loving, kind, caring, funny, intelligent, serious, authentic, beautiful, amazing, descent, mannerable, protective, generous, helpful, strong, brave, down-to-earth, talented, approachable, charismatic, loveable, etc. human being I have ever known.

    Chris Sandy has received numerous metals form various countries around the world, China, Japan, Germany, etc. and of course The United States of America. For all of his hard work and dedication, professionalism, charitable work and his humanitarianism. Chris was also given the honor of ringing the bell at The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street, Chris was given an honorary engraved bronze bull in a velvet case to commemorate the honor that was bestowed upon him at the new york stock exchange.

    Chris Sandy is an American, Chris Sandy made all American and played on the All American Basketball team after High School. Chris also attended some of the most prestigious basketball camps in the country alongside and against many NBA players past and present. Chris is well known in the league by many NBA players, who were saddened and affected by his senseless death on November 23, 2006 Thanksgiving Day.

    The people of Finland, The President of Finland, Teammates, Fans and the U.S. Embassy in Finland all mourned the death of Chris Sandy. A Street was named after Chris Sandy in his honor and his jersey was retired in an emotional ceremony in the arena where Chris played his final and best game ever. Chris was named M.V.P.

    Barack Obama was not the president at the time of Chris Sandy death. Sharon Sandy Chris mother received a letter of condolences from Barack Obama the senator. Every News Outlet, National, International, local and the BBC carried the story. Including the New York Times, Slam Magazine and numerous other sports magazines and programs such as, ESPN reported on the tragedy.

    In Chris short life he accomplished alot, endured alot and experienced many ups and downs, adversity and hardship. Chris never gave up regardless of the circumstances and Against All Odds. Jerry Tarkanian, The President of Fresno State, Faculty, Teammates and Staff attended a dinner at the Radisson Hotel in California to honor 3 players; Chris was one of the 3 players honored at that dinner. At the end of all the speeches and accolades bestowed upon Chris. Chris was presented with a plaque, which reads: Dedicated to Chris Sandy The Recipient of The Against All Odds Award. Everyone stood to their feet and gave Chris Sandy a standing novation.

    Chris Sandy’s body was accompanied by the State Department, the U.S. Embassy in Finland and his mother back to the United States for a funeral and burial.

    On a personal note I died that day too, and I will never be the same. Chris Sandy was my only son, my best friend and my confidant. When Chris father walked out on us to be with another women and his friends, we were all devastated and alone. But somehow we pulled together and moved forward. “Chris would always say don’t worry mommy I’m going to take good care of us, you just be patient”. Our dream of moving out of these projects and starting a new life is dead. The only thing that keeps me alive is the hope that somehow, someone, somewhere, someday, will by some miracle help us make a documentary and a movie about Chris Sandy’s Life. Chris Sandy’s Legacy Is to inspire, encourage, motivate, stimulate and demonstrate, no matter where you come from, where you live, or if you have a father figure in your life or not. With hard work, dedication, focus, believing in yourself and setting goals. Against All Odds, you can be anybody and do anything, anywhere. The sky is the limit to what you can have, what you can be, and what you can achieve . This is the Legacy of Chris Sandy.. In Chris Famous words Yessssssssssir……………….

  • Rosslyn Allgrownup Overstreet

    hmm all know and o’mara knows Zimmerman is a crazy man. he will be in jail soon just like o’ jay sim…

  • DSmooth

    @ trbh…you have some nerve & unmitigated gall to accuse somebody else of spinning the TRUTH!!! Mark stated himself that he will not be representing georgey poo in any further upcoming cases (not the divorce & he has to represent him in his defamation lawsuit-because Mark is the one that filed the suit against NBC) because he is well aware that after the coward georgey poo murders the next innocent person-that his (Mark O’Mara’s) reputation would be damaged beyond any form of repair!!! Mark has enough sense to see that georgey poo is on his way to self-destruction / the nut is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode & he is putting enough distance between georgey poo & himself “NOW” – so he won’t be contaminated by the FALLOUT after georgey poo implodes!!! LMAO!!!