Hundreds Unaccounted For In Wake Of Colorado Flooding

Source: Anthony Castellano and Alexis Shaw / ABC News

More than 600 people are unaccounted for in the wake of the ferocious flooding and relentless rain ravaging communities across Colorado, according to officials.

While a total of 1,253 people had not been heard from as of Sunday evening, officials had cautioned that the number was subject to change as widespread flood recovery efforts continue.

The number had dropped by more than half as of this morning, with about 631 people remaining unaccounted for statewide.

Among those missing, 398 are from Larimer County, Colo., alone. But Nick Christensen of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office said officials “don’t think the number will nearly be that high.”

Those who evacuated or self-evacuated and have not registered with the Red Cross are also taken into account, he said.

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