Jaden Smith Calls For Everybody To Drop Out Of School In Tirade Against Public Education

Son of superstars Will and Jada Smith went on a Twitter tirade against public education.

  • yagga62


  • Malik Solitaire Mayo

    and i don’t disagree with him. formal education is highly overrated. unless you are going to school to be a doctor or lawyer or some career field where the only option is that education, going to school is not any more of a guarantee for success than not.

  • RAS

    I guess when you are the spoiled child of millionaire parents, education doesn’t seem so important. And it couldn’t have helped his critical thinking that he went to a school based on Scientology!!!

  • Doreen Atiyah Daniels

    This statement that Jaden Smith has made about children dropping out of school is irresponsible statement because unlike most of his fans he has the money to drop out of school. This is the price that celebrity children and their families has to pay. Even though some of our education systems can be revitalized it’s still the way one should go to learn how to become social individuals and self-motivated thinkers. Jaden Smith and his parents need to be careful about the messages they are sending to people that follow them because not ever child or parent has the finance’s that they have and education is the only way out of poverty for most American Citizens.

  • SMDH

    He actually has a good point its just being communicated by someone that has’t matured yet. 60% of the stuff the teach you school is irrelevant to real life. Most of the history they teach is inaccurate, you’ll never use most of the math. A lot of the teachers and our schools are out of touch, kids can learn using real world based formats not that philosophical bs they teach you in school….

  • Brandy Ferdinand

    you must understand that any form of education is some type of persuasion and however we may oppose to what he says in some ways its truth, the public school system is being controlled by government and they pretty much say what and how much your child should be learning any parent who have come to a broader learning understands why he said it but not every parent is intelligent enough to explain its meaning to their children….

  • Bean

    Although I am not a fan of the Jaden Smith – I agree. The school today are brainwashing the kids. They are not taught to think creativily nor are the taught to create. The are taught to take test , color in the lines and trust no one except our govt.

  • Robert Nathan

    oh wow!!!! a kid doesn’t like school!!!!!!!!!…..so shocking. the fact that people are actually making such a big deal about a kid not liking school is sad.

  • GS

    I don’t understand how this is news…