Jury Finds N-Word Never Appropriate, Even Between Blacks

Source: Russell Goldman / ABC News

A federal jury in New York found that use of the N-word in the workplace is never acceptable, even when used between black coworkers and when the historically fraught word is intended to denote friendship or endearment.

Jurors last week awarded Brandi Johnson $250,000 in compensatory damages after they determined the employment agency worker, who is black, was the subject of harassment after her boss, Rob Carmona, subjected her to a lengthy tirade filled with racial slurs.  Carmona is also black.

The court convenes again today to determine whether Johnson should be awarded additional punitive damages.

The case hinged on use of the N-word, a slur with a lengthy history.  It is widely considered degrading when used by white people, but is often used without consequence by African Americans.

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  • gail

    I agree. My forefathers were the N word most days of their lives. It wasn’t funny then and it isn’t funny now. Blacks who use it as a form of endearment are ignorant and don’t care how their great great grandparents are turning in their graves every time they use it. About time all these puff daddies understand this.