Lawrence O’Donnell Conducts Unbelievable Trainwreck Of An Interview With Anthony Weiner

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Source: Josh Feldman / Mediaite

Think of all the negative, nasty, unbelievable things Anthony Weiner has ever done. Does “a pathological need to be in public politics” enter the top ten? No? Well, good thing you’re not Lawrence O’Donnell then, because that was the first and ONLY issue he took with Weiner in an interview Monday. There are no words that can do this mess justice, only to say that for the first time since the first picture of his penis emerged on the internet… you may end up feeling bad for Anthony Weiner.

O’Donnell opened the interview with a penetrating question: “What is wrong with you?”

He elaborated, but it didn’t sound any better.

“What is wrong with you that you cannot seem to imagine a life without elected office?”

See, O’Donnell didn’t dwell on the sexting and the lying, he was more interested in Weiner somehow having this kind of pathological need to stay in elected office, which I don’t think is necessarily a Weiner-only problem in politics (if the incumbency rate in Congress is any indication). Weiner got a bit snarky with O’Donnell, while O’Donnell kept going on and on about what the hell is wrong with him, going so far as to say Weiner might have some personal “demons” keeping him in politics.

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