MADE OF SHADE: Roland Martin On Risk And Race

Source: Quassan Castro / Jet Magazine 

In this edition of Made of Shade, Roland Martin joined  Quassan Castro to discuss his new show (“News One Now”), a few words on what Dr. King would expect from President Obama, lack of media coverage for all persons and discrimination toward Black media folk and journalists.

Quassan Castro: Some news shows today break down debates and issues by sort of a Democrats vs. Republican fashion. I understand your new “News One Now” takes a different approach. Can you elaborate?

Roland Martin: The problem I have with discussions in traditional cable news is they are trite, tired and weak conversations. Typically, what you have are folks who are ending up defending political turf as opposed to discussing the issues at hand. For instance, Colin Powell who is a Republican, lashed out at Republicans in North Carolina for their recent voting laws, and the governor, who is Republican, was sitting in the audience.

What if you had a conversation dealing with the North Carolina voter suppression law and you actually had two Republicans debating it, one that believes in the bill and one who doesn’t? That actually brings a discussion about the bill itself as oppose to a party bill. So the discussion that we’ve had on “Washington Watch” and that we’re going to have on “News One Now” deals with the issue at hand. I don’t care if it’s two Republicans or two Democrats or a Republican and a Democrat, for me, it’s about attacking the issue.

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