MIAMI HERALD: Shellie Zimmerman’s 911 Call After Domestic Incident Involving Husband George (AUDIO)


Source: AP / Miami Herald

LAKE MARY, Fla. — George Zimmerman’s wife says on a 911 call that her estranged husband punched her father in the nose, grabbed an iPad out of her hand and smashed it and threatened them both with a gun.

Shellie Zimmerman said Monday on the 911 call that she was scared because she didn’t know what George Zimmerman is capable of doing.

She says he had his hand on his gun while he was in his car.

Zimmerman hadn’t been arrested by late afternoon and police officers were at the house of Shellie Zimmerman’s father trying to determine what happened.

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  • hj

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  • Gwendolyn Williams

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  • Renee

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  • Renee

    At the end of the recording can y’all here them saying ‘there’s a woman in there… oh my God!’ Then it fades. Wow