Miss America Nina Davuluri Brushes Off Racist Remarks

Source: Ann Oldenburg / USA Today

Social media was abuzz overnight in the wake of Nina Davuluri being crowned as Miss America 2014.

And a lot of the tweets were attacks on the fact that she is the first woman of Indian descent to win the pageant and wear the crown.

She was referred to as “the Arab,” by some and other commenters noted “This is America, not India.” One called her “Miss 7-11.”

There were those who huffed about it being inappropriately close to 9/11.

Some mentioned ties to al-Qaeda and at least one flat-out called her a terrorist.

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  • Ebony

    Will these ignorant amoebas go to their local community college and sign up for an ethnic studies or cultural studies class? Indians are not Arabs!

  • Oppelganger

    Watch the KKK recruitment jump…