Mother Forgives Police Officer Who Shot Her Unarmed Son

Source: Christina Ng / ABC News

The mother of a former Florida A&M University football player shot and killed by a police officer while apparently looking for help after a crashing his car said that she forgives the officer and wishes him the best.

“You caused a great loss to my heart,” Georgia Ferrell said at a news conference today as she clutched a Winnie the Pooh bear beloved by her son. “You took a piece of my heart that never can be put back, but I do forgive you. I truly forgive you and wish you the best with your life and turning it over to God.”

Ferrell’s son Jonathan Ferrell, 24, sought help at a woman’s home after a car crash early Saturday morning, but the woman called 911 reporting a strange man outside her door.

“As the officers approached him just to determine it is the individual, what’s going on, he just immediately takes off and runs toward a particular officer, and that officer attempted to retreat but at the same the same time fired his weapon,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Moore said.

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