Navy Yard Shooter Had Record Of Misconduct As Navy Reservist, Officials Say

Source: Ashley Halsey III, Peter Hermann and Clarence Williams / The Washington Post

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel attended a ceremony at the Navy Memorial Tuesday morning to honor victims of the Washington Navy Yard massacre, as the area where the shootings occurred edged back to normal, and victim’s families struggled to absorb the horror of a deadly rampage inside what was supposed to be a secure facility.

Aaron Alexis, the former Navy reservist identified by authorities as the gunman in the attack, was cited at least eight times during his Navy career for misconduct, officials said Tuesday, including insubordination, disorderly conduct and multiple excessive absences from work.

Alexis, of Fort Worth, had been hired by a private contractor to do a project at theNavy Yard and had a security clearance and a valid military identification card, known as a common access card, that allows unfettered access into most facilities.

The FBI said that the 34-year-old fatally shot 12 people and wounded several others Monday before being killed during a gun battle with police. The attack triggered a massive lockdown and shocked the nation’s capital and the country.

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