Obama Put His Feet On Oval Office Desk, And People Are Outraged

Source: Josh Feldman / Mediaite

If you were hoping for one more overblown controversy to end your summer, your wish has been granted. President Obama put his foot on his desk in a White House photo, and although it admittedly does look a little cheesy, people are outraged over the leader of the free world placing his foot atop the Resolute Desk because it’s undignified and beneath the office of the president… although technically it’s inthe office of the… the point is, people are not happy.

Here’s the image that has everyone freaking out so much:

This is not, amazingly, the first time the president has come under fire for putting his feet up on the desk. This has happened time after time after time after time.

Which is why it’s important to point out that this is not the first president to have so callously desecrated the Resolute Desk.

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  • Rev. Dr. Floyd W Johnson

    President Obama put his foot on his desk in a White House, so what. Its been done many time before, but let the first Afro-American President do so undignifies the Resolute Office. What can be more undignified then having sexual encounters (adultery), using foul language, lying and misleading the people, misrepresentation, among other things, that are morally devastating. Those episodes occurred before we had a black man in the White House. I always under the impression and understood that those desks are hand-picked by the president at the beginning of his term in office and is later
    part of his Presidential Library after he leaves office.

    • MamiChula73

      Rev. Johnson, the Resolute Desk dates back to 1880 and is indeed, the desk that is in question. However as said in the above article- it is HIS office and he is not the first to place his foot/feet on it.
      It is his right to do as he wishes within his presidential term as I’m sure others before him have done.

  • Mookie

    Damn! It’s HIS office.

    • Benny

      That’s the problem they can’t stand that it is his OFFICE!

    • Lila Morant

      That’s exactly the way I feel. Many of the past presidents have put their feet on the desk, because its their desk during their tenure. It’s a damn desk, an inadament object! SERIOUSLY?!?!

  • TMan

    Why is anyone even reporting this mess. Be thankful it was up their….Forgive me!!!

  • Wanda Taylor Howard

    Enough is enough…why the anger? I admit, I don’t know the history of the desk, but you people have more respect for a piece of wood than you do for the President…heck the President is desecrated everyday, numerous times a day by someone, somewhere..That is no news to me..I actually laughed when I read the headline..are you serious? You people are from one non-issue to the next…The Resolute Desk? What’s the history?

  • Jewel Nyack

    Wanda I agree with you, he is in office its his reign he should definitely do as he pleases, God come on people its a piece of furniture for Christ sake, what else would we as a people have issues with??? LIVE and LET LIVE!!!

    • Swaggkid Youngin

      they just do it because they hate him not because its a problem its just that they hate him even after pointing out G.W.B had his feet on it.

  • Remy

    It’s his office.

    • Remy

      It’s his desk.