Public School Offers $86K To Keep Autistic Boy Out

Source: Sydney Lupkin / ABC News 

Public school officials offered a California mother $86,000 to settle complaints about the previous treatment of her autistic, mute and diabetic son , to move him to a private school and to keep her from filing any further complaints about his care.

Heather Houston alleges that her 21-year-old son, David Swanson, was force-fed and discriminated against at school. She previously filed a complaint with the office of civil rights and says she plans to sue, but she still wants him to attend class because he’s entitled to free public education until he turns 22.

David’s education plan, which includes learning to write his name on a piece of paper, may not seem like much, but he has a right to it, Houston says.

“The law says he’s allowed access to education,” Houston told “I don’t want their money. I never wanted their money.”

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