Senator Bashes GOP ‘Extremists’: Prepared To ‘Destroy’ Obama, Economy To Get Their Way!

Source: Josh Feldman / Mediaite

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders said on the Senate floor early Friday that debate over Obamacare is healthy, but “threatening to shut down the government” and dragging the country into an avoidable economic crisis is the wrong way to do it, calling out “right-wing extremists” pushing the U.S. down that road.

Sanders reminded his colleagues that Obamacare was passed by both the House and Senate, signed by the president, challenged by the Supreme Court, upheld by the Supreme Court, and the presidential candidate who ran on a platform of scrapping the health care law lost the election, so he didn’t understand why Republicans appear to be subverting the democratic process to get what they want.

“What democracy is not about is a handful of members of the House of Representatives, extreme right-wing Republicans, saying, ‘If we do not get our way, we are prepared to punish tens of millions of Americans. Yeah, we lost the election. Yeah, we lost seats in the House and the Senate. But we are prepared to bring this government down, we are prepared to cause perhaps a major global financial crisis unless we get our way!’”

Sanders implored his colleagues to think of all the people who could lose benefits during a government shutdown and brush aside the “small number of extreme right-wingers” who he claimed are “determined to try to destroy this president.”

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