Swapped Address Numbers Leads To Neighbor’s Home Mistakenly Demolished

Source: Susanna Kim / ABC News

When a wrecking ball swings through the wrong place, it usually has the makings of a tragic story. But for neighbors of a home mistakenly demolished in Michigan, it was cause for celebration.

And police are scratching their heads over the incident — what may have been the result of a scheme to swap address numbers to intentionally raze the wrong home.

The Sheriff’s Office in Pontiac, Mich., about 30 miles north of Detroit, said the street address numbers of a home that the state intended to demolish were nailed to a neighboring abandoned home. Contractors hired by the state intended to demolish 398 Edison St., but they first knocked down 404 Edison St., according to a police report.

The police report indicates 398 Edison St. actually had the street number of 390 Edison St.

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