WASHINGTON POST: Senate Votes To Restore Funding For Obamacare

Source: Ed O’Keefe, Rosalind S. Helderman and Lori Montgomery / The Washington Post

The Senate voted Friday to restore funding for President Obama’s health-care law in a short-term spending bill aimed at averting a federal government shutdown.

The fate of the bill remained in limbo in the House, however, as the Republican Party’s rebellious right wing is blocking a strategy by Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) for navigating a series of deadlines to keep the government funded and avoid the nation’s first default.

Senators began holding a series of votes starting after midday to move the bill forward. They voted 79 to 19 to invoke cloture on the House-passed bill, formally ending debate on it so that it could be amended to delete House Republican provisions to defund the health-care law. The cloture motion required 60 votes for passage.

Senate Democrats subsequently voted to restore funding for the health-care law before a vote on final passage, which would send it back to the House. The vote to restore funding was 54 to 44.

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