Why Texas A&M Is ‘The Best It’s Ever Been’

Source: George Schroeder / USA Today

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — George H.W. Bush is nearly 2,000 miles from here, spending time with wife Barbara at their home in Maine. But on Saturday afternoon, the eyes of the 41st president, like so many others, will be upon Kyle Field.

“A win Saturday would be a continuation of, a building on, the process that Coach (Kevin) Sumlin initiated last season,” Bush told USA TODAY Sports in an email. “It would keep that momentum going strong. At the same time, a loss would not kill that momentum – not by a long shot.”

If the showdown with Alabama is easily the most anticipated of the college football season, it might be the most anticipated ever in Aggieland. “BTHO BAMA” T-shirts were hot sellers … in early August. During a booster function last summer, Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman joked about the Aggies being like the moon, because “both control the Tide.” The buzz has been building for months. This week, it was essentially the only topic in town. And if nationally, the storyline is Nick Saban’s attempt to corral Johnny Manziel – beware, because he has been workinWhg on this for 250 days! – the former President of the United States nailed the local narrative.

Saturday is huge. But it’s only one of Texas A&M’s salad days.

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