YouTube Launches Ambitious Plan To Generate More Videos For Site

Source: CBS News

YouTube attracts 1 billion individual users each month who watch 6 billion hours of video. And now, YouTube is launching an ambitious plan to create even more videos.

Inside a massive airplane hangar in Los Angeles, YouTube is launching an entertainment revolution. Kathleen Grace is the head of creative development at what is called YouTube Space — a 41,000-square-foot state-of-the-art studio complex.

On a recent visit to the space, CBS News’ Ben Tracy remarked to Grace, “When we came in earlier there were superheroes and supermodels and all sorts of random stuff going on. Is this a normal day at YouTube Space?”

Grace replied, “Yes, last week we had a baboon and a goat here, and the week before that, we had an elephant. We are on an animal kick right now — animals and models.”

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