10.20.13 Sermon Notes: Rev. R. Janae Pitts-Murdock @rjanaepitts: “Extreme Makeover-God Addition”

13/10/20 Sermon Notes

Heritage Fellowship Church, Reston, VA Rev. Dr. N.A. Tate

Women’s Day

Guest Preacher: Rev. R. Janae Pitts-Murdock

Scripture: Acts 3:1-10

“Extreme Makeover-God Addition”

ABC found a hit my pairing an extreme team, extreme team, equals extreme makeover.

We are all candidates for God’s extreme makeover.

In the text, the man has an extreme need. He can’t blame it on anything else. He has no reason to explain it.

He is beyond his resources. He came into the world crippled. He came into the world two steps behind.

He has an extreme need and an extreme team. They lifted him up and brought him to the gate.

All of us have our own personal encouragement team. Many of us, when we have a tough situation, just want it fixed. But we need to properly receive the deliverance and not act like we are entitled for God to fix it.

But God sends people to us to lift us up and put us in position to be blessed (verse 2).

Our challenge as people of influence is not to despise the process of encouragement because it changes something on the inside of us.

The encouragers are vital because had they not lifted him up and carried him to that spot he would have not been in position to be blessed.

Peter and Paul were not members of the encouragement team. They are part of the empowerment team.

The encouragement teams comforts you. The empowerment team are the ones who will cut to the chase, get in your face and will forcefully speak truth to you.

Empowerers will tell you to stop wasting your time and get to moving!

The crippled man does what he normally does: beg. But Peter tells him I won’t give you what you want but what you need.

Many of us are like the crippled man: begging for what we want but not asking God wha we need.

3. You need faith in an extreme God.

– you need to have faith in an extreme God because some stuff is so drastic that only God can change it.

This man was crippled since birth, but he immediately begin jumping.

God says when you been praying for something and believing in it and you get it, you don’t need anyone to teach you how to do it.

And when he was blessed, he didn’t run around the city. He immediately went into the temple. So when God blesses us we need to go to the house of worship and give thanks.

But not all folks in the temple were happy. Temple folks are quick to hate.

But you need makeover folks in your life. They are the ones who will be happy to shout with you for the blessing.