2 Women Shot To Death At Detroit Senior Center

Source: AP / CBS News

DETROIT – A man who lives at a senior center in Detroit was in custody Sunday after, police said, he shot and killed two women he blamed for a breakup with his girlfriend.

The shooting happened after the 65-year-old man had an argument with his girlfriend that ended their relationship, police said in a news release. They said the man went to his apartment at the Pablo Davis Elder Living Center, got a rifle and started looking for two residents he believed responsible for breaking him and his girlfriend up.

Police spokeswoman Kelly Miner said the first woman, who was 54, as she sat on a bench outside the apartment building. Miner said he then went inside and shot the second woman, who was 65.

Miner said the suspect, whose name was not immediately released, surrendered and was arrested as he came back out of the building.

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