Best Buy Drops The Price Of iPhone 5c To $50

Source:  Joanna Stern / ABC News

Just two weeks after hitting the market, Best Buy will begin offering a discount on Apple’s iPhone 5c. From today, Oct. 3, to Monday, Oct. 7, the iPhone 5c will be available for $50.

According to Best Buy, customers will get a $50 gift card with the phone and can apply that to the $99.99 device, bringing the phone cost down to $50. Best Buy will also offer the deal on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the $199 Samsung Galaxy S4, bringing the cost of the phone to approximately $150.

Best Buy has offered similar deals on Samsung and Apple handsets before, but not on Apple’s latest iPhones. When asked about the reasons for the price drops, Best Buy said it was intended to drive traffic to those specific products.

“We view ourselves as a company that offers consumers something they can’t get anywhere else — all the phones, all the plans, all the carriers — and look for any opportunity to delight our customers,” read a statement by Shandra Tollefson, a Best Buy official.

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