Cops Caught On Tape Harassing Minorities: ‘You Weaken The F*cking Country!’

Source: Andrew Kirell / Mediaite

Recent video of Philadelphia police officers verbally harassing a couple of minority pedestrians went viral over the weekend, drawing attention once again to the controversial tactics of “stop and frisk” as well as questions about racial profiling and police abuse.

The video, dated Sept. 27, was recently posted to YouTube by one of the frisked pedestrians. After an officer calls out “Yo, my man,” from inside the cruiser, things quickly go downhill. The two officers allege that the two pedestrians said hi to a stranger, and in that particular neighborhood of Philadelphia, “you don’t just say ‘hi’ to strangers.”

Officers exit their vehicle and begin frisking the two men, calling one a “fucking dirty ass.” The men complain that they’ve done nothing wrong, prompting an officer to shout: “Why don’t you shut the fuck up? Everyone thinks they’re a fucking lawyer and they don’t know jack shit.”

Later on, Officer Philip Nace told the two men: “Don’t come to fucking Philadelphia, stay in Jersey.”

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  • Miguel Collins

    Must be their idea of community policing.

    • Ricky Stuart

      Damm Damm Dammmmmmm

  • Charles

    To protect & serve means different things to different people. Protect some while serving their own justice to others.

  • toobadtoosad


  • N DC Harris

    i hope both of two coward racist cops are out of the force

  • LacyD

    What happened. Where is the rest of the story? Did they get fired? What happened!

  • Karyl

    I think those two ‘so call officers’ need some anger management counseling, a fine for the way they mistreat citizens and to be kicked off the ‘f@%$#ing force (in their own language)!

  • Madame

    This is why we need to educate our children on the law and continue to pray for their safety. They just don’t care enough about black boys and girls!!!!

  • Nick McNeal

    We need a uniform code of conduct detailing the proper conduct when being stopped by the police. In my community we would stop and observed at a distance any police stop we observed, we didn’t have cell phones with video capability, but the police was on their best behavior when their were multiple withnesses.

  • Tom Bulger

    Our tax dollars at work.

  • ValerieWagner

    This page is CLOGGED with dung!

  • Radio Facts

    So the question is WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

    • thelion

      The answer to that is to stop depending on and serving the “system” that enslaves you and I and start governing yourselves. Start becoming your own police and protect your own loved ones from cops in this video.

  • Rochelle Henderson Reed

    And white people wonder why blacks don’t trust the police! This is why. This is why white people will never ever understand our distrust of the law! I guarantee some white will try to justify the mess.

  • Sick and Tired

    What’s the follow up on this???? Unfortunately, this is probably more common than we think and we should really be fed up! Rolan, please please continue to speak on this, as a mother I am damn mad!

  • theresa

    This is disgusting. Just because you wear a uniform does not give u the right to talk or teat people the way these powertrip cops did. They stopped and detained them because they said hi to a stranger! my God I do that all the time. Its people like those guys who give real police officers a bad name. I really hope something is done to them. If either of the men walking had done wrong they would have taken off running as soon as the one cop got out

  • Wendell Craig Woods

    THIS right here is a prime example of why many people (of ALL backgrounds) neither like nor trust the police. Unfortunately, this tainted image affects the good police, too. These cops should be fired, for they are NOT worthy of the badge or uniform…