Country Music Fans Warm To Hick-Hop

Source: Jessica Bliss / Chicago Sun-Times

Hick-hop — country narratives that add rap’s heavy bass and aggression to storylines about pickup-driving, beer-swillin’, chicken-and-biscuit-eating good ol’ boys.

“Just when you think everything’s been done in music, you look up and here’s a new amalgam,” country music singer-songwriter John Rich said.

A genre that doesn’t get much recognition in the radio world has had to market itself via YouTube, social media and targeted marketing with concerts in middle-of-nowhere mud-boggin’ motorsport parks — where massive tires and track-side beverages accompany dirty, single-track race competitions.

The bulk of the fan base is “the countriest of the country people,” said Colt Ford, one of the genre’s most popular artists. But that’s evolving.

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