D.C. School Enrollment Increases, With Charters Growing Faster Than DCPS

Source:  / The Washington Post

D.C. traditional and charter schools grew for the fifth year in a row, together enrolling 4 percent more students this fall than last, according to a raw count the Office of the State Superintendent of Education released Thursday.

Public charter schools grew faster than the traditional school system, continuing a years-long trend that has given charters a larger share of students in the District than in nearly any other U.S. city.

Individual schools report the raw student numbers, and an independent accounting firm will audit the enrollment figures. The numbers are likely to change somewhat, but they offer a strong indication of enrollment trends in the city.

The District’s charter schools reported enrolling nearly 37,000 students, an increase of 6 percent, or 2,000 more students than last year. Charters enroll 44 percent of the city’s public school students, up from 43 percent last year, according to the preliminary data.

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