Dr. Ben Carson: Affordable Care Act Will Cause Health Insurance Companies To Fold


Roland Martin talks with Dr. Ben Carson about comparing the Affordable Care Act to slavery. During the interview, Dr. Carson stated that as a result of ACA, insurance companies will begin to fold.

  • Why didn’t you finish the interview?


    I have respect for Dr Carson as a physician, but he don’t know a thing about how healthcare works.

    • Jim Replogle

      Donna, then you would agree that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, didnt know jack either as experts will tell you, ObamaCare is a failure.

  • V.

    from one physician to another, you’re an idiot. Just ignorant, to disrespect our history, by comparing it to something you don’t like. Oh, and this is my opinion.

  • Justice

    He’s an idiot. Rapes , beatings , untold hours of labor and torture and the healthcare law is the same thing ? He’s like Clarence Thomas and other black conservatives. Our worst nightmares.

    • Jim Replogle

      worse nightmare is in white house now who is keeping blacks down. Dr. Ben Carson is a leader and thinker, not someone who reads what someone writes for him to say.

  • R Small

    For this guy to be as brilliant as he is, his comments are incredibly ridiculous!

    • Jim Replogle

      Those who cannot see what he said are rediculous.

  • chika

    Just my two cents, he said “the worse thing SINCE slavery”. now that could be a huge gaps of extremes in his mind. Not to mention that he made it clear that its his opinion, its still somewhat of a free country. now he’s been a surgeon for about 30 years now so im sure he has some basis to his claim, being an insider while we only understand a small scope of healthcare. NOW heres my biggest issue, why didn’t they allow the entirety of the interview to be played? Im sure that would have cleared some things up. Remember people news wouldnt be as attractive if it wasnt inflated with sensationalism which most americans seem to be drawn to. Im not gonna state my opinion on AHA because it has no bearing on anyone elses opinion. What i do know though is that half of the people who disagree with Dr. Carson are not healthcare providers, probably havent read one page of the AHA bill, and probably aren’t half as smart as Dr. Carson so don’t take offense for his use of slavery ONLY as a reference point not a direct comparison. Besides none of you can actually fathom the atrocities of slavery, once again, pure sensationalism. But im only 27 so what do i know?

    • cltdale1

      Well there is one thing i do know. Dr Carson would have never in his so called SMART MIND – said this is the worst thing since the Jewish Holocaust or the Native Americans Holocaust..etc..etc..

      • thomasbone63

        He’s using the radical white republican talking point. That’s what trained house ni&^^% were taught to do.

        • Jim Replogle

          Dr. Ben Carson was not given what he has made himself and he wants African Americans to work, try so that men like obama can keep them down by giving them little things to keep them happy for a day. Dr Ben Carson is a leader and didn’t hide his college records like Obama has. Those who are truly as you say are ni&^^(( are those that vote for someone ONLY BECAUSE OF SKIN COLOR.

    • L Blake Brown

      Being a surgeon for 30 years means absolutely nothing when it comes to people paying for health care. Don’t get it twisted. He does his job and trust me there are far more intelligent people who crunch numbers for a living who is better suited to realistically compare the ACA to some sort of time frame in history. But I know for a fact that 9/11 has to be the worst occurrence since slavery!!! I love what Ben Carson has done with the endowed knowledge within his profession but, he should really leave the political jargon to those who actually work to ensure he gets paid extremely well for his services…

      • chika

        well said.

        • chika

          After further reading i found that he’s republican indorsed so its his job to make such statements against the opposing democrat agendas. so my apologies for speaking prematurely.

      • Jim Replogle

        Dr Ben Carson hits it right on the nose but unfortunately for America, if Obama was white, they would be all over him for being like Bush but since he is black, they over look him being
        a terrible president.

      • Shane

        That is exactly the problem with you ignorant liberals. You would rather degrade someone who is by far more intelligent than yourself. Yet you fail to see the fact that compromise has not happened in the white house since king Obama took office. The congress is suppose to be stronger than the president not the other way around. This is not what the framers intended. Now that people have become culturally corrupt, they intend on working their way up the political latter. I would rather see a true American Dream as president than another corrupt career politician.

  • erg

    carson needs a brain transplant!

    • Jim Replogle

      Carson hits it right on the nose, he doesnt bow because the president has dark skin.

    • Shane

      Carson has already had numerous brain transplant in which he conducted. Are you the American Dream. Nope if you are comparing your intelligence to this man. You are just saying this because………you don’t want to work for your stuff do you? If so he would create a job for you. Or are you enjoying your free stuff? I think that your ancestors that founded this country would be ashamed. Look at Chicago and now look at where this country is heading. Carson 2016

  • WhoDat Girl2010

    Remember this man has healthcare just like the rest of those Republican JACKA$$ES on that hill in Washington. So why would he be worried about getting sick

    • Shane

      True , but he came from a class below you. He is the American Dream. I’m Republican and do not have or WANT healthcare. Though I am threatened by even more tax if I don’t get it. Margaret Thatcher once said that the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money.