Feds Asking Up To 28 Years For Ferguson In Corruption Case

Source: Robert Snell / The Detroit News

Detroit — Federal prosecutors are detailing Thursday exactly how much time former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and pal Bobby Ferguson should spend in prison for turning City Hall into a money-making criminal enterprise.

Ferguson, 44, a one-time powerful contractor who received more than $83 million in corrupt city deals during his friend’s reign, should be sentenced 14 to 28 years on a guideline range of 30 years to life, prosecutors said Thursday.

“Ferguson’s stranglehold over municipal contracting in Detroit for six years was seen and felt by the entire local government contracting community in the Detroit metropolitan area,” prosecutors wrote.

The requested sentences are being detailed in a long-awaited memorandums filed by prosecutors in U.S. District Court. The filings specify for the first time how much time the men should spend in prison for running a criminal enterprise and dipping into the city treasury to fund a lifestyle that included hand-made suits, private jet travel and luxury resort stays. Both men have been detained at a federal prison in Milan since March.

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