Harry Lennix: Ben Carson’s Comments About The Affordable Care Act Are Disturbing, Irresponsible


Harry Lennix, star of NBC’s The Blacklist shared his views about Dr. Ben Carson comparing the Affordable Care Act to slavery on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin.

  • P A Chambers

    Mental Illness among blacks still has some stigma attached to it.Back in the day(and even now) mental illness was around but it was not addressed as mental illness. Plus, people were made to feel ashamed. When mental illness did become the focal point, the person was put away for along, long time in a mental institution. People that had seizures were classified as having a mental illness only to have their family put in foster homes. Crownsville, St Elizabeth Hospital were a couple of places that housed mental illness. You were classified as a non-responsible person unable to really function very much in society. Infact, if you admit on a job application that you saw a counselor your chances of getting a really nice job was slim. Sometimes, impossible.Even though some of the relatives or others knew that a person had a mental problem they would tell you to stay away from such and such.
    Alot of secrets have been kept to protect or whatever when things went wrong.Back in the day, people with mental illness was not respected. Many people resorted to self medication as the case in some cases today. Sometimes as a child or a person, you were told to stay away from so in so because he is weird. Alot of understanding and compassion is sometimes needed to help to get by Sometimes, you just have to deal with it.
    Alot of experiment was done in the hospitals. Also, some people were put in a mental hospital so a scan could be worked, I remember too, some places paid for referrals to their institution
    In closing, education still need to be done to the community and families including the patiences. Some people do need to be housed permenantly.
    GOOOD Luck with this.