House GOP Offers Debt Limit Hike, End To Shutdown In Package With Spending Cuts: Report

Source: The Huffington Post

House Republicans have offered an increase in the debt limit and an end to the government shutdown in a package with spending cuts, the AP reports.

The offer comes on the 11th day of the government shutdown.

This is developing…

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  • tiredofFOX

    Waiting for the second foot to drop. WHAT do they want in return?

  • Kenneth H Ransome jr

    Great! that is the1st step in the right direction. 2nd step: expel Ted Cruz from the republican party. 3rd step: Disengage from the Tea party! 4th step: terminate Boehner’s leadership. 5th step: rebuild the republican party

    • Barbara Ann

      Hey you schmuck, Ted Cruz was elected by 5 million voters. HE is the new face of the Republican party. The RINO’s will be voted out .