Inside Will Smith’s Pimped Out $2.5M Trailer

Source: / PageSix

The trailer that Will Smith uses for chill out time when he’s filming movies is the most pimped out thing on 22 wheels ever.

Nicknamed ‘The Heat’, the two-story motor home is over 16 metres long and weighs 30 tons.

Inside it boasts a private cinema with a 100 inch screen, a conference room that can fit 30 people, a master bedroom, a granite bathroom and a fully functioning kitchen.

The over the top trailer costs $2.5 million to own, but if you’re a bit hard up for cash at the moment you can rent it for a modest $9,000 a week.

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  • gail

    Way excessive. He could have helped a lot of people with that money.

  • atlanta_guy_1

    Very cool, but the host and sidekick made that almost unwatchable. “Really? C’mon…..” And repeat…